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We are back-upped by a team of professionals having experience and expertise of their field of more than 10 years.

If you are facing any problem with your existing key, then just WhatsApp the details  or fill the enquiry form and send us.
We will try to provide the best solution with quotation.


These are a few services which we offer on our online portal.

1.    BROKEN KEY REPAIRING SERVICES -  If your existing key is broken or not working properly
                                                           then we can repair it.

2.     FLIP KEY CONVERSION  -                   we can convert your existing separate remote
                                                           and ordinary key into one fancy flip key.

3.     AUTOMOTIVE LOCK REPAIRING -        we can repair your faulty automobile locks.

4.     DUPLICATION FACILITY  –                  we can make duplicate keys of your existing
                                                           automobile / domestic / padlock key etc.
                                                           (for this service you need to send your existing
                                                           keys to us with proper supportive documents.)


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